LIFE SALE: a real estate solution accessible to all.

PLACE PRIVÉE offers you its service dedicated to the sale in LIFE 32 place of the career in Nancy.

Le Viager is both a responsible, profitable and ethical investment for the buyer, an ideal retirement product offering for the seller and a response adapted to the current socio-economic context. This booming solution meets the seller's financial expectations, reassures his heirs and is a real investment opportunity for buyers.



A buyer pays the seller a "bouquet" (starting capital, not compulsory, but highly recommended) at the signing of the contract and a "life annuity" (amount of money paid periodically) for life.


This solution assures the seller of receiving a lifetime annuity, allowing him to improve his standard of living and take full advantage of his retirement. The annuity constitutes a real additional income. Also, the seller frees himself from certain charges: property tax, housing tax, condominium charges, major works ...

The “busy” life annuity offers the seller the possibility of staying at home, of keeping his lifestyle and his habits.

The annuity benefits from a tax advantage: a progressive reduction is applied according to the seller's age and the type of annuity. The life annuity generates a reduced tax, the abatement being able to reach up to 100%

The life contract offers different possibilities: life with or without annuity, reversibility of the annuity, life with or without bouquet, forward sale.

It is also easier for the seller to make donations to those around him thanks to the payment of the bouquet by the buyer at the time of the sale, and thus gradually transmit his heritage.


You invest without having to resort specifically to a bank loan (so no interest to pay); the initial intake is lower than a traditional purchase.

You make a cheaper long-term investment in order to prepare for your retirement by capitalization and its a net rate of return is very attractive.

As part of a "busy" life annuity, you benefit from an additional discount on the value of the property: more attractive price and lower acquisition costs.

As part of a "free" life annuity, you can either live there personally or put it up for rental and thus receive additional income.



Depending on whether the life annuity is "free" or "occupied", the sale does not involve the same constraints for both parties: this choice has an impact on the calculation of the rent.

The occupied life annuity: the seller signs a life contract with a buyer transferring the ownership of his home in exchange for a capital and a life annuity. The seller can benefit from a right of habitation and use or usufruct.

The free life annuity: unlike the occupied life annuity, the seller renounces any right of use or habitation of the property and consequently, the buyer is free to do what he wants with it. He is then fully responsible for the accommodation and the costs related to it.

Forward sales: the contract puts the two parties in agreement on a number of monthly payments limited in time. The seller generally enjoying a right of use and housing receives a higher monthly life annuity than that which he would have had with a sales contract in traditional occupied life annuity.

In addition, like all real estate sales, life annuity sales require the intervention of a notary.
The property for life can be resold provided that this does not impact the seller and the terms of the contract must be respected.
In the event of non-payment of the annuity, the seller can appeal to a court (TGI / TI) to have the non-payment established and to enter it directly into the account. The contract may include a termination clause leading to the automatic termination of the contract; the sale is then canceled and all the sums collected are kept by the seller.

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